About glTFShowCase

This APP was developed for viewing glTF 2.0 assets in mobile devices. It is highly recommended to visit official site for more information, including resources like converters, exporters, validators, other viewers, and so on.


Cyberpunk Bar

Cyberpunk bar


Dancing Crab

Dancing Crab

By Bohdan Lvov



By Tareqitos



By Nikolay Tsys


The Lighthouse

By Cotman Sam


Tiki Treasure!

By Glen Fox



By hullo



By Taiga

Pikmin and Alph

Pikmin and Alph

By Murilo Kleine

# There are downloadable assets in Sketchfab under Creative Common license.


On Android, you can put gltf, glb, or zip file, which contains gltf/glb, on your Android SD card. So you can open it with this APP.

On iOS, you need to use AirDrop, iCloud, or via web browser.
You can host a local http service and visit your local website on your phone to download zip file, then select open by this APP.


Click on UI is to trigger UI action

One-finger is to rotate

Two-fingers is to zoom or pan

Double-click is to reset view

* Double-click on the screen to set focus in this adjustment. Outside this adjustment, double-click is to reset view.
** This only works for Android. You can open gltf, glb, or zip file(which contains gltf/glb) via File Manager/Explorer Apps as well.
*** On Android, your devices need to support ARCore. Check the supported devices. Check this for how AR works.

Extension Support

  • KHR_materials_pbrSpecularGlossiness
  • KHR_materials_unlit
  • KHR_draco_mesh_compression
  • KHR_texture_transform
  • KHR_binary_glTF
Pony Cartoon

Pony Cartoon

Slava Zhuravlev


On Android, open gltf/glb file through Menu"open asset" icon and explore file in your device. A simpler way is to use any file explorer in your device and click gltf/glb file to open it with this APP. On iOS, refer to manual.

On Android, open hdr file through Menu"open asset" icon and explore hdr file in your device. Processing hdr takes time. Depending on your device, it may take several minutes. Be patient. On iOS, refer to manual.

When loading failed, there is a popup dialogue to indicate the error reason. Normally, if the asset is invalid, you can visit to check the validation of your asset. Or visit to view your asset in browser. Currently only glTF 2.0 is supported. Make sure your asset is 2.0.

Due to the constrained resource on mobile, 4K textures are not supported. Intead the textures will be downsized to 2048x2048.

The current implementation of mesh skinning utilizes vertex shader, which relies on max vertex uniform vertors supported in the GPU. This message indicates that the loading assest contains animation(s) with skin joints exceeding what could be supported in the current implementation. One can reduce the skin joints to satisfy this restriction or use another device with more vertex uniform vectors.

In the material filters, when a mesh does not have the corresponding texture, said AO, it would be colored in red.


Louis XIV

Equestrian statue of Louis XIV

By R0m1R




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